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good morning. we begin with breaking news. get ready for pandemonium to once again sweep the district. a panda cub was born at the national zoo. >> you're looking at live pictures of the panda cam. mom and baby seem to be doing fine. news 4's megan mcgrath at the national zoo with more on this exciting news. megan? >> reporter: very exciting news. it's been described as a glorious surprise. mei xiang has given birth to a cub overnight. she's had five
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pseudopregnancies, a lot of false alarms. there was an ultrasound two weeks ago that didn't show anything, no fetus. there were people who thought, well, maybe this is another one of those false alarms. a little before 11:00 last night, they heard the sounds of a cub. i'm joined by dr. brandi smith, senior curator here. talk about that. you heard the sounds. a bit of a surprise. >> it was. we're prepared for anything. so we have volunteers in the n panda house 24 hours a day. we heard the first squeals of a panda cub. we had to watch for a little while to make sure we could believe it, and we have a cub. >> reporter: talk about mei xiang. she's built quite a house, quite a den in the panda house. >> all of you looking at the panda cam will notice this panda in the midst of this huge bamboo nest. she's being a great mom. she's taking care of this cub. we have reason to believe she's
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going to take care of this cub just fine. >> reporter: you guys have not seen the cub? >> no. we can hear the cub, so we know it's doing well. >> reporter: strong noise? >> yes. and every time the cub makes a noise, mei xiang responds immediately. >> reporter: a lot of excitement around here. >> we are just over the moon right now. we're excited to have a cub for us, for mei xiang. it's great. >> reporter: obviously, everyone wants to come and take a look at this little guy here. when will we see him? >> the cub won't be on view for a while because the cub will be in the den with mom. anyone can go to the website and see the cub. they'll see the exact same things we're seeing right now. >> reporter: congratulations to all of you. and a lot of excitement, as you would imagine, here at the national zoo. a lot of tired people pausbecau of course, they've been keeping watch, keeping vigil, and as soon as they heard the noise and heard the cub on hand, everyone came to the panda house. they're keeping a close eye.
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everything looks terrific, we're told. reporting live from the national zoo, megan mcgrath. back to you in the studio. >> i can't wait to glimpse of the panda cub. >> very exciting indeed. we'll reset. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome this monday, december 17th, september 17th, 2012. a costly penalty cost the skins a chance of perfection. i guess they were playing football. kind of happens. >> it was the craziest game. the whole thing was so agonizing, tom. >> and we're still trying to get over it. i guess mei xiang is okay. may be the only one. >> something to cheer. >> that's right. starting off with a clear sky. that's the view from space. we do have increasing clouds pushing in from central virginia and into the south. much farther south and west, we've got a developing rain
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storm coming our ray late tonight. between now and then, we'll stay dry. off to a chilly start. it's only near 50 in montgomery county. much of fairfax county, prince george's, and southern maryland. up near the bay waters, near 60. reagan national, 61. the chilly 40s. panhandle of west virginia, chilly and into the mountains. by 6:00 a.m., still a chill in the air, only around 50. sunrise by 6:02. tonight sunny, mild, nice, rapid warmup. we ought to be low to mid-70s by noontime. and upper 70s to near 80 as clouds increase south and west. going mostly cloudy by late afternoon, going back down to the mid-70s by then. i'm back with a hometown forecast in ten minutes. danella is here now with the morning traffic. good morning. >> good morning, tom. checking the roadways, if you're traveling in virginia, construction continues again today. right now it's a race on the inner loop as you make your way
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just past i-66. only one lane will get you by the work zone there. outer loop, usual work zone here just past montgomery boulevard, that left rain is blocked. as you make your way on the outer loop towards university boulevard at new hampshire avenue, nice and clear as far as volume. not hard to get by the work zone and checking the beltway in prince george's county, here's a look as you make your way on 201, outer loop and inner loop here, lanes are open. not seeing any work zones or delays there. aaron and eun, back over to you. new this morning, a teenager is recovering from a shooting in southeast. it happened around midnight in the 1300 block of congress street, just a couple of blocks from the congress heights metro station. police say they arrived to find an 18-year-old shot once in the stomach. he is in serious condition but is expected to be okay. so far, no arrests have been made. this morning prince george's county police are on the lookout for suspect killed in a deadly shooting.
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police say the shooting stemmed from an argument at a nightclub. police tell us the victims and the suspects knew each other. the victims, both women, called police less than five miles from the shooting scene. 25-year-old brittany mckinley died at the scene. the other woman is in serious condition. breaking news out of iraq. a suicide bomber blew up a car at the gates of the heavily fortified green zone in baghdad. four iraqis died. that explosion happened during the morning rush hour. most government offices and several embassies are in that area. no one has claimed responsibility yet. we're also keeping an eye on anti-american protests around the world now. hundreds of people are burning cars and throwing rocks at a military camp near the afghan capital. at least two people were killed in protests in pakistan as well. people are protesting an anti-islam video, the same video the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says sparked that violence in libya. >> opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate, as this was unfolding.
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they came with heavy weapons, which unfortunately are readily available in post revolutionary libya. >> it was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago. >> that attack at the consulate killed four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. afghan police killed four american soldiers in the latest insider attack. officials say the americans were coming to the aid of an afghan police, who called for help after a checkpoint attack on sunday. when the soldiers arrived, police began shooting at them. the attack happened at a nato checkpoint in southern afghanistan. the taliban says the police officers were not affiliated with its insurgency. at 4:35 we turn to decision 2012, where both campaigns are on the move today. president obama will travel to ohio, where he's currently leading mitt romney in the polls. the president will make stops in columbus and cincinnati. during his trip, his administration expected to ask the world trade organization to investigate china's taxes on american made cars. ohio is a key swing state and
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relies heavily on the auto industry. the latest nbc news/"the wall street journal"/marist poll has the president up seven points over mitt romney. >> romney is heading to the west coast. the presidential nominee will say he wants fair and enforceable laws that will stop illegal immigrants from entering the u.s. in a recent poll among hispanic voters, the president leads romney by more than 30 points. a deadly plane crash caused both campaigns to cancel campaign events. the plane crashed in pueblo, colorado, shutting down two of the three runways. the pilot was killed in the crash. a spokesman for the romney campaign said the former governor did not want to interfere with the ongoing investigation. he had an event scheduled at a local steel workers union. how quickly things change for the redskins.
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from a huge win on the road to a pretty sfoidisappointing loss t week. a huge mental mistake with seconds left didn't help. obviously not the right video there. wide receiver josh morgan lost his cool a bit after a rams player gave him an extra shove as the redskins were driving in hopes of tying the game. >> like i said, that one play doesn't make or break us. >> there you go. unfortunately, it was morgan who got called for the unsportsmanlike penalty, and that pushed a potential game-tying field goal try back to a 62-yard field goal. the result wasn't even close. the rams win 31-28. teammates, however, are not blaming mr. morgan. it was still an impressive performance by rg3, who threw for one touchdown and ran for two others. he also threw his first career interception. >> it's because the talents of rg3 that many redskins fans are still optimistic about the saeds
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on ahead. we caught up with burgundy and gold faithful who said, even though the game was disappointing, there are still a lot of games left to be won. >> it was a great game, awesome game the entire way through. it's just a shame it ended like this. >> we entered the season really strong. it's only the second game. we're going to keep going and proud of our team still. >> that's right. coming up at 5:00, our own dan hellie will bring you more reaction from inside the redskins locker room. that's about 20 minutes away. it was a wild game. >> it's football, though. you lose games. it happens. >> exactly. >> you move on. you play the next game, and you try to win. >> there are some unpredictable games for sure. >> 4:38 is the time right now. ahead on "news 4 today," the rare legal maneuver of the royal family as another tabloid prepares to release pictures of princess kate. plus gas prices are supposed to be falling this time of year. why aren't you seeing any relief? [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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you bet! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. today lawyers for the duke and duchess of cambridge will head to court to stop more topless pictures of katherine being published. a dutch magazine is planning to publish a 26-page spread of the duchess. the pictures were taken while the couple was on vacation in france. so far france, italy, and ireland have published the photos. the couple is currently on a trip across southeast asia.
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4:41 is the time. cool out there for most of the weeke weekend. we're rolling into the same stuff this morning. 62 degrees outside our studios. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein outside our studios. some changes coming, tom? >> it does look like tomorrow morning this time we'll have some rain. right now a dry sky over the nation's capital. that's a live view from the hd city camera. right now we're only near 50 degrees for much of the area. that includes manassas, hometown forecast, 6:00 a.m. for the entire region today, we'll have increasing clouds this afternoon, highs reaching the upper 70s by midafternoon. rain developing tonight. the latest on that and a look at the rest of the week into the weekend, that's in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. tom right now, checking out i-95 in virginia. northbound lanes are open. southbound, though, as you approach 3, you're going to see your left lane as well as the center lane blocked because of the construction there. that should be over at 5:00 a.m.
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northbound looks clear connected to 395. not bad as you make your way northbound. southbound approaching 7, seeing just a bit of delay in that area. as you make your way to the 14th street bridge, nice and clear commute as you continue into the district. back in ten. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> 4:43. still to come, the drastic measure chicago's mayor is ready to take to get kids back to school as the teachers strike drags on. plus your chance to catch a glimpse of a piece of american history.
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[ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe well...i'm not at liberty to give that out,
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common mistakes that parents make when putting in car seats. today marks the beginning of child passenger safety week. if you filled up your gas tank, you probably noticed the price of gas went up again. the price of regular unleaded jumped 5 cents over the past week. the national average $3.87. that's up 16 cents from a month ago. in d.c., your average is $3.99. in maryland, it's $3.80. in virginia, you're paying $3.72 on average. in west virginia, it's $3.92. prices usually drop on labor day, but prices in the middle east and refineries going offline with hurricane isaac are causing prices to go up. chicago mayor rahm emanuel is telling city attorneys to seek a court order to force striking teachers back to the classroom. the teachers unions decided to delay their decision on whether to end the strike until tomorrow. they want more time to review their current proposed contract. the new proposal includes a 7% cost of living raise over three years.
4:47 am
30% of a teacher's evaluation would be based on student test scores. teachers would have new rights to appeal their rating. >> they would like it to be actually a lot better for us than it is. clearly, a contract is always a set of negotiations. no sides are ever completely happy. >> today is the start of the strike's second week. new this morning, three astronauts back on solid ground after a six-month stay at the international space station. one american and two russians returned to earth aboard the russian made space capsule landing in kazakhstan. the crew includes the recently replaced commander of the international space station. american sunni williams is currently in charge up there. she currently holds the record for the longest space flight by a woman. a wisconsin police officer who was injured in the sikh temple shooting says he is grateful for everyone's support. oak creek lieutenant brian
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murphy made his appearance after being shot 12 times last month. a local car company held a fund-raiser. murphy couldn't speak much. one of the bullets actually hit his throat, but he wanted to thank his community. >> i just wanted to let everyone know how appreciative i am. my family is, for your kindness, prayers, and support. it means so much to us. >> that fund-raiser was also a birthday party for murphy. he told the crowd he doesn't mind getting older anymore. members of a bowie church are in shock after a parishioner is killed in a freak car accident. police say it happened just before mass at st. edwards church yesterday morning. an elderly woman got out of her car thinking it was in park, but it was actually in reverse, and the car door knocked her down, and then the car ran over her. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are looking for a child who stole a man's cell phone. d.c. police sent out this tweet, and it got our attention. police are looking for a 6 to
4:49 am
7-year-old described as 4 feet tall, weighing 100 pounds, the tweet said. police say the boy ran up to a man and snatched his phone yesterday on nanny helen burrows avenue northeast. police say skanatch and grab robberies like this one are common, but they rarely look for a young suspect involved in the crime. 6 or 7 is really young. explosives training will happen this week at quantico. don't be alarmed if you might hear something explode. that training happens from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day this week. starting today, you'll be able to get a close-up look at george washington's personal copy of the constitution. it will be on display at washington's mt. vernon home starting at noon. handwritten notes and brackets made by washington can be seen around key pages outlining the president's responsibilities. today marks the 225th anniversary of the u.s. constitution. it was adopted on september 17th, 1787, by the constitutional convention in philadelphia. >> that is pretty cool.
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we get to see george washington's proofreading notes. the nationals get a day off today after a pretty rough end to their road trip. atlanta swept the nats, defeating them 5-1. gio gonzalez went five innings, giving up four hits and two runs, in his quest for the 20th win of the season, but the nats offense couldn't help him out. despite being swept, the nationals still lead the braves by 5 1/2 games. washington back home tomorrow against the l.a. dodgers. still leading. >> there you go. >> hang on to that point. >> 4:51. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team meteorologist tom kierein here. what are we expecting here, tom? >> big changes on the way. in fact, the game tomorrow may be rained out. we had this dry pattern going on for the next several days. does look like the change commencing tomorrow night. right now no travel problems weather-wise. a dry clear sky over washington. live view from our nbc 4 city camera. right now 61 chilly degrees at reagan national. we've got a very light breeze
4:51 am
now. dewpoint at 54. elsewhere, where you see these light blue areas, it's in the 40s out in much of western maryland and into the mountains of west virginia, the panhandle of west virginia, dark green. those are areas in the 50s. much of northern virginia, much of maryland, eastern shore, just in the low to mid-50s now. where's the rain coming from? it's coming from the south and west. we've got a developing area of low pressure r low pressure way down over the tennessee valley to the gulf coast. that's going to sweep our way here, but not until later today. by 6:00, clear and chilly, a calm wind. we'll have temperatures still in the low to mid-50s. quickly warming up by lunch hour. by noon time, mostly sunny, low humidity. low to mid-70s by early afternoon. mid to late afternoon, coming home from work and school, you'll notice the cloud cover increasing and breezes picking up a bit. we'll be in the upper 70s by early afternoon, and back down to the low 70s by early evening. then some of that rain heading toward the metro area by late
4:52 am
tonight, perhaps around 11:00, midnight or so. then some showers off and on tomorrow morning. strong storms perhaps tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. some of them could produce some damaging winds. before then, winds are going to be blustery gusting to 25, 30 miles an hour through much of the day tomorrow. all of this ends, though, tomorrow night. as we get into wednesday morning, down to the 50s and clearing out. during the day on wednesday, partly cloudy and cooler with highs only in the low 70s. average high this time of year is 79. then as we get into thursday, 50s in the morning, partly cloudy during the afternoon, delightful day into the mid-70s, and more of the same on friday. over the weekend, only a small chance of a shower right now, perhaps on saturday afternoon and evening into sunday is the way it looks. highs in the 70s. morning lows near 60. i'm back in ten minutes. danella with your first 4 traffic this morning. good morning, danella. >> thanks, tom. right now if you're traveling in maryland, a look at your commute right now.
4:53 am
if you're traveling along bw parkway as well as i-95, you're clear between the beltway and the baltimore beltway here. also checking out things if you're traveling 295 heading into the district, nice and clear as well. also checking roads in prince george's county, along 5, not seeing any issues there, nice and clear. i'm back in ten minutes this time with a look at your rails. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> turbgs danella. watch your speeds if you're traveling near schools in charles county. three new cameras up in waldorf. one at smallwood drive near wade elementary. another on leonardtown near thomas stone high school. and one at berry road and jennifer school lane. get caught speeding in those areas, and you'll get a $40 fine. the tomkins court development celebrated the grand opening of this beautiful playground yesterday afternoon. it was built by 200 volunteers, including some of the washington
4:54 am
capitals. center brooks laich helped put together slides, laid some cement, and made sure these kids have a safe place to play. >> it's awesome. it's a weird kind of joy. i feel like i helped out and so many other people did too. there's a lot of people to thank for it, but i hope the kids really enjoy it. >> we also asked him about the nhl lockout, which started yesterday. he said he's definitely frustrated, but he hopes the league and the players union can come to an agreement. >> caps fans do too. >> everybody does. >> it is now 4:54. straight ahead at 5:00, we're tracking breaking news at the national zoo after the early morning birth of a panda cub. >> first, though, you may want to make plans to line up now
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telemarketers are calling at all hours of day. automated call complaints spiked in april to 212,000. that's up from 65,000 in october. the biggest complaint, robo calls from credit services. now some are questioning how effective the national do not call registry really is. telemarketers are supposed to check the list at least every 31 days for numbers they cannot call. if you're planning to stand in line for the iphone 5, be ready to wait a long time. tech analysts say there could be record long lines for the newest apple phone. some are expecting longer lines
4:58 am
than when the original iphone was releaseded in 2007. people are already lined up outside the apple stores, including the flagship store in manhattan. the company expects to sell 6 million to 10 million phones just this weekend. it's staggering. >> it's just a phone. >> i guess people really find -- do you think it's going to change the life? >> it's like people -- got to have it first. got to have it first. but it looks just like the one you already have. go figure. >> oh, man. good for apple. some women prefer their men clean shaven. others prefer a little bit of stubble. >> do you have a preference? >> clean shaven is my preference. >> some folks are wondering about the women who would love these guys. take a look. more than 100 contestants from around the world. no, not that guy. more than 100 contestants from around the world gathered for the british first beard and mustache championships. a lot of different categories here, including natural and freestyle. freestyle matchups for mustaches
4:59 am
there. there was also a side burns contest. don't know if gillette or schick sponsored this get together. maybe this guy is the winner with the gold plate there. there's the mustache. >> a trim beard and mustache can be attractive, but when things are -- when you have to apply products, it becomes a little much. just a little much. >> maybe it's a british thing. >> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. breaking news overnight from the national zoo. you're looking live inside the panda habitat, where zoo people have welcomed a new panda cub. he threw the football. there's a flag. >> redskins fans fuming this morning after one player loses his cool, costing the team 15 yards and a chance to send the game into overtime. talk a little bit about that. first, good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm
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